Tuesday, September 18, 2012

FDIC Deposit Insurance Fund Balance at 15-Quarter High

FDIC Deposit Inurance Fund Indicators

* The DIF Reserve Ratio Rises 10 Basis Points to 0.32 Percent
* Fees Earned from Debt Guarantees Under the Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program Add $4 Billion to the DIF
* $1.4 Trillion Temporarily Insured in Noninterest-Bearing Transaction Accounts
* 15 Institutions Fail During the Second Quarter

Total assets of the nation’s 7,246 FDIC-insured commercial banks and savings institutions increased by 0.8 percent ($105.3 billion) in the second quarter of 2012. Total deposits increased by 0.6 percent ($61.6 billion), domestic office deposits increased by 1.0 percent ($88.1 billion), and foreign office deposits decreased by 1.8 percent ($26.5 billion). Domestic noninterest-bearing deposits increased by 2.9 percent ($65.6 billion), while domestic interestbearing deposits rose 0.3 percent ($22.5 billion). For the 12 months ending June 30, 2012, total domestic deposits grew by 8.4 percent ($688.1 billion), with domestic noninterest-bearing deposits rising by 20.2 percent ($387.2 billion) and domestic interest-bearing deposits increasing by 4.8 percent ($300.9 billion).

At the end of the second quarter, domestic deposits funded 63.5 percent of industry assets. Insured institutions held $1.6 trillion in domestic noninterest-bearing transaction accounts larger than $250,000 at June 30. Of this total, $1.4 trillion exceeded the basic coverage limit of $250,000 per account, but is temporarily fully insured through December 31, 2012. Balances exceeding the $250,000 limit in noninterest-bearing transaction accounts increased by 5.0 percent ($65.7 billion) during the second quarter and by 32.1 percent ($335.8 billion) over the past four quarters.

FDIC Deposit Insurance Fund by Quarter: Fund Balance and Provision for Insurance Losses

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