Tuesday, September 25, 2012

America: Land of Indefinite Corporate Power, Debt, Detention, Quantitative Easing, Wars

Ah yes, America, the Land of the Fee and  Home of the Grave. Big Brother wages perpetual war to keep the masses rooting for him while the national security and surveillance state ramps up and comes down on you, your family, friends, neighbors, and fellow Americans. Ahead is not only a Fiscal Cliff, but a Day of Reckoning - not more and more exciting TV shows, celebrity news, and 'all is well' corporate mass media coverage. The Matrix has plans for you and your best interests are not in their equation.

You and your descendants will be expected and forced to pay up in taxes, fees, and inflation. Your discretionary income will continue shrinking - but not for the Wall Street Banksters, corporate elite, and politicians wealthy from bribes. They are exempt from paying up by design. You pay, they play. The tab per American citizen (man, woman, child) for the funded USA debt is $51,038 and your share of the FYE 2012 interest expense is $1,191. Both of these per capita amounts, from government data, are grossly understated.

The Supreme Court in January 2010 swept aside the individual citizen with a ruling that corporations are persons with electioneering rights and can attempt to sway elections by authority of the Citizens United case. Even Presidential candidate Mitt Romney said, "corporations are people".

President Obama crushed individual liberties, with the overwhelming support of Congress (from the Tea Party caucus to the Progressive caucus voting 'Yes'), by signing the National Defense Authorization Act late on New Year's Eve (December 31, 2011). This provided for the indefinite detention of America citizens (without legal counsel, a judge, a trial, or a jury of peers) as decided by the Office of the President. This is, of course, the Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot totalitarian system of citizen control and ultimately annihilation.

Congress has shown blatant and willful disregard for over a decade of the USA's fiscal future by running up funded debt of over $16 trillion (unfunded is easily in excess of $50 trillion). Next will be Internet censorship. Dissent is the new inconvenient truth. Dissenters will be labeled terrorists for NDAA indefinite detention purposes. The War on Terror is the War on You. The security searches and checkpoints, including groping your genitals to teach you compliance and submission, have already begun.

With all 3 branches of the USA federal government assaulting the American citizen's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that leaves the Federal Reserve for the final blow. Now Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke has announced the beginning of the end of the The Great American Empire with indefinite quantitative easing, with indefinite money printing, with indefinite inflation. This is not QE 3, this is QE Infinity. This announces the "U.S. Dollar in not worth the paper it is not printed on" - more and more dollars, less and less value. The final financial and economic assault on the American citizen has begun and will now intensify. You'll be seeing more of this, as you already have, as you shop for food, fuel, and basic living needs.

Egan-Jones rating agency immediately downgraded USA sovereign debt from AA to AA- upon the Federal Reserve's QE Infinity announcement. The SEC most likely will announce a retaliatory investigation of Egan-Jones later in an effort of intimidation and censorship of the truth. The SEC and Federal Reserve are controlled by the Wall Street Banksters and they don't want you to know America has been pillaged by them. The world's worst and most criminal credit rating agencies who also serve the Wall Street Banksters (Standard and Poor's, Moody's, and Fitch) have negative outlooks on the bankrupt American Dream but that is as far as they dare go. Moody's and Fitch continue to think we will believe the USA is AAA while Standard and Poor's rates America at AA+. Among other credit rating agencies a more dismal and accurate story is told:
Dagong Global Credit (China): A, Outlook Negative
Weiss Ratings: C-, equivalent to BBB- or 1 level above junk, Outlook Not Provided

Egan-Jones cited the obvious in their American sovereign debt downgrade: debt greater than GDP, a weaker U.S. Dollar resulting from indefinite quantitative easing, an ongoing zero interest rate environment, unsustainable budget deficits.

With the Federal Reserve's QE Infinity, Congress can continue deficit spending, the oldest sovereign trick in the book. No need to balance the budget until the Day of Reckoning. This props up the financial system, prices will go higher, commodity prices will increase, other hard asset prices will rise, and the markets will continue well aloft. The ridiculous and criminal idea that the Fed is creating  jobs with printing money will ultimately be shown a sham. The global corporations want the cheap labor of Asia and South America, not the higher cost American labor. The USA's future is 'post-industrial' which means most jobs will be low-paying service jobs. A poor nation is easier to control per totalitarian doctrine. A middle class is pesky and has higher expectations such as a future.

Through federal government accounting chicanery, the July 2012 interest expense was a negative -$52 billion and this reduced the annualized interest expense and related annualized effective interest rate paid. No matter, the financial truth and facts will ultimately prevail, they always do, and the FY 2012 interest expense is actually an all-time high no matter what the proven liars in Washington say.

The graphic story of the pillaging of a nation.

The real reason the Federal Reserve's zero interest rate environment is indefinite. America will financially collapse if interest rates spike when the debt is $16+ trillion. That's why the Federal Reserve has to buy a significant portion off the U.S. Treasury debt - to keep rates low and fund the ongoing deficits. There's not enough lenders, buyers of U.S. Treasury bills, notes, and bonds, to keep the Ponzi scheme afloat.

Charts consist of the latest data available from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (GDP at 6-30-12), U.S. Treasury (Public Debt at 9-16-12), and U.S. Census Bureau (Population at 9-16-12):
Public Debt $16.05 trillion GDP $15.61 trillion
Population 314.39 million
Annualized Interest Expense $374.29 billion (the books are cooked)
Effective Interest Rate 2.53% (actually higher than 3.0%)

USA Sovereign Debt Now Exceeds GDP: Greetings From Big Brother


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