Friday, October 8, 2010

Bank Failure Friday: No FDIC Closures! *2010 YTD totals remains 129*

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Bank Failure Friday: No FDIC Closures!

The 2010 USA bank failures remain at 129 with no closings on Friday, October 8. The latest 2 closings were on Friday, October 1. Total assets of the 2 closed banks were $528,300,000 ($528.3 million), based on the June 30 call reports (regulatory financial statements). Both banks were merged via purchase and assumption agreements into other banks.

#128 Shoreline Bank, Shoreline, WA (Total assets $104.2M, merged into GBC International Bank, Los Angeles, CA)

#129 Wakulia Bank, Crawfordville, FL (Total assets $424.1M, merged into Centennial Bank, Conway, AR)

The next FDIC bank closings, if any, will most likely be announced on Friday, October 15.

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