Sunday, July 11, 2010

Corporate Earnings Season Begins! (Video)

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Second Quarter Corporate Earnings Reports Begin This Week

Corporate Earnings Season Begins This Week!

Hopefully USA corporate earnings for the second quarter will be good to very good. If so, this should help hold up the stock market that has pulled back as a result of the European sovereign debt, financial system, Euro, and economic crises plus uncertainty over the viability of the USA economic recovery. Corporate guidance, that is projections for the upcoming quarters and full year, will be under scrutiny to see if corporations are projecting any revenue slowdown or reversal due an economic slowdown in the USA, Europe, and/or globally.

Let the Games Begin!

(MarketWatch) Alcoa starts week that includes reports from Intel, Google, AMD, GE, Citi, Bank of America and Chase. Baseball takes a break for its all-star game; Congress returns from its break to deal with the Kagan nomination and bank reform. Rex Crum reports.

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